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Suffolk Shoes - Made in England

The Company

Suffolk ShoesAs an independent and family-run business, we specialize in the manufacture of footwear using the 'Veldtschoen', or 'Stitchdown' construction.

Our products are designed and made in our own workshop in Suffolk, England. Since 1998, when we invested in our first manufacturing machines, our production capabilities have grown, allowing us to fulfill business-to-business transactions as well as selling direct to the consumer.

If you are buying for retail, we can produce volume orders to your specification within our production capabilities. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our Footwear

StitchdownOur shoes are made using the Veldtschoen construction, unique in the fact that instead of the upper leather turning underneath the insole like more common constructions, the Veldtschoen turns outwards and is stitched directly to the mid-sole. The advantages of this are a durable construction which is easy to repair, and also flexible, increasing the comfort of the shoes.

We use top quality leather and other materials in our shoes to give the best comfort and durability achievable at a competitive price point.

All of our shoes are made in our own workshop in Suffolk. Our shoes are predominantly handmade, using only necessary machine assistance to help in the forming of a Veldtschoen.

Each pair of our shoes is often crafted from beginning to end by one craftsperson. The lasts we use are chosen for their comfortable fit, and we can modify a set of existing lasts to an individual's requirements for problem feet, giving a semi-bespoke fit.

From the initial pattern making to the finished article, the entire process of shoemaking occurs within our workshop, and new designs are continually being developed for production, so we hope you will check back regularly to see new additions.

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